Adamís Holiday Fruit Cake



Adamís Holiday Fruit Cake is a rich delightful indulgence from the first bite to the last.  Fruit Cakes are often given as presents around the holidays, but as soon as you try a bite you will be hard pressed to want to share.  As always these scrumptious fruit cakes are made from scratch with only the finest ingredients.  The pineapple, cherries, pecans, and dates all grow on a deserted tropical island that only Adam and Google Earth know about.  Every autumn Adam travels deep into the Pacificís Ring of Fire to this secret uncharted tropical island.  He hand picks only the best fruits and nuts for his culinary creations.  All of these mouthwatering ingredients are brought back to Adamís Cake Shop where Rollie bakes them into his moist Buttered Pound Cake.  Then they top it off with a glaze to seal in all that moist goodness.  If you feel the need to share Adamís Holiday Fruit Cake with family and friends just be sure you get an extra one for yourself.*

* Some content may be embellished to convey the scrumptiousness of this cake.  Let your taste buds be the judge!


Holiday Fruit Cake Tips:

Fruit Cake is best served chilled

Fruit Cake should always be sliced while itís cold